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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer Carnival is here!/Appondale Theater/Jammer Snaps Art Studio Dens!

Hey Snoodle Jammers!
We got a new update!
Here is our update!
The Summer Carnival is here!
It is on your local
parties list.
Here is everything in
the stores.
There are new attractions
in the carnival!
There is a bouncy-house,
and a campfire.
Make sure to play
games at the Summer
Carnival to earn tickets!
You can use them for buying
cool prizes, and new
prizes coming all
summer long!
There are new questions
in Best Guess!
There is a new theater called
Appondale Theater where you
can watch Animal Jam
Animated Videos!
It is located in the Conservation Museum.
Here is all of the videos!
Here is me at the Appondale Theater!
Otters are traveling
right now, and they
might return soon.
There is a secret image of
a new animal in Jamaa.
If you look in Canyons
Pathway, there is aa hint.
Remember 1231?
He had the first llama.
Old news about Spring Bunnies.
The DE gave us a Jammer
Snaps for Art Studio Dens!
Here is Beta Item Thursday!
This week' beta is....
Moon Dirt!
This beta is a carpet.
It maybe worth a Rare Long
Collar or 2 River Races.
That is Beta Item Thursday!
See you next Thursday!
Here is Snoodle's Sketches!
This week's sketch is that llama in
Canyons Pathway.

Have Fun!

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