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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Vine Anklet/Overview

                                   Hey Snoodle Jammers! Sorry I was late. The new item is....
A VINE ANKLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is at Jam Mart Clothing for 400 gems.
The DE gave us a post about a otter 
coloring page!
Here is today's video from LPSAce!

It is Saturday, so that means, Weekly Overview!
This is what we had this week.
See you next week!
The Mushroom Chair is leaving in 3 days 
so hurry up and buy it!

Have Fun Jamming!

Friday, August 29, 2014

High Tops/ 3 Special Videos Every Friday?

                              Hey Snoodle Jammers! So we got something special for your feet!
                                                                     It is...........
They are at Jam Mart Clothing for 400 gems.
Plus, The DE gave us a post about Code Camp last week!
Did you know there is 3 special videos every Friday?
Here is a special video from LilacPetal!
Here is another special video from PetShopProductions!
Here is the last Special Video from Tigar Lily!
Phew, a lot of videos today!
So, it is Friday, that means it is Mystery Friday!
Do you know these?

When I get on my other accounts, I see these.
Tell me in the comments what they are!
See you all next Friday!
The Mushroom Table is leaving
in 2 days so hurry up and buy it!

Have Fun Jamming!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bonsai Tree/Jammer Snaps Pets

                                              Hey Snoodle Jammers! Our new item is ..............
A BONSAI TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is at Treetop Gardens for 350 gems.
The DE has posted something for Jammer Snaps!
All Pets!
Here is today's video from Bluestream the Elf Fox!
It is Thursday, So it is Beta Item Thursday!
So, Today's Beta Item is.....
Scary Mask!
The Scary Mask is sold in the Spooky Party then 
it was beta and people were trading it.
Maybe it costs a Rare Spike or Long Bow.
That is all of our Beta Item Thursday!
See you all next Thursday!
The Salon Chair is having a last day, 
So hurry up and buy it!

Have Fun Jamming!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Peck Portrait/LPS Spotlights

                      Hi Snoodle Jammers! We have a new item that goes with the other portraits.
                                                                       It is............    
                                                     It is 400 gems at Jam Mart Furniture.
I say it would look perfect in a Volcano den.
Plus, The DE gave us Jammer Art of Otters.
Here is a funny video from MintySnowflakes!
So, it is Wednesday,so it is LPS Spotlight!
Today's LPS we would be reviewing is....
Picture from LPShannah
#675 Daushund!
It is a pretty rare LPS, but it costs
a lot on ebay.  Lot of famous people have it, but 
it is Savannah Reed from LPS Popular by SophieGTV.
That is all of our LPS Spotlight!
See you next Wednesday!
The Acorn Tea Set is having a last day today so
hurry up and buy it! 

Have Fun Jamming! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sir Gilbert Portrait / National Dog Day

                          Hey Snoodle Jammers! Happy National Dog Day! So, today is the day to
                                         have fun with your dogs and have some cool ice cream.                                                                                                          So our new item is.........                                                  
A SIR GILBERT PORTRAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is at Jam Mart Furniture for 400 gems.
                                               Today's DE post is all about National Dog Day
                                                         with a video from Dr. Brady Barr!
Yesterday's post was all about the rare.
Here is Today's video from Little Uni!!!!!!!!!!

It is Tuesday, So it is Fashion Tuesday!!!!!!
So Today's Fashion Idea is......
Panda: Currently Endangered
 Freedom Helmet: Trade System  
Spike Collar: 3 Diamonds
Hula Skirt: 500 Gems 
Rare Scary Elf Bracelets: Trade System
Pet Fox: Out of stores
Accessories: 200 Gems
There you have it! Our Hula Warrior Panda!
See you next Tuesday!
The Vanity & Mirror is having a last day! 
Hurry up and buy it for 250 Gems!

Have Fun Jamming!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Rare Raccoon Tail + NO DE POST!!!

                                                            Hey, Snoodle Jammers!
                                            Today is Rare Item Monday! Today's Rare is........
A RARE RACCOON TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is 5000 Tickets at the Summer Carnival.
It looks perfect on Pioneer's Tail!
Here is Today's video from LPSpuremedia!
It is Monday, That means it is Play Wild Monday!
Play Wild Monday is a den idea every Monday!
Today's Den idea is......................
First, Buy Ice Cream Parlor Items.
Next, use walls and floors.            
Then, use plushies.                        
    Make sure to add a giant plushie too!
Last, add music!                            
There you have it, our Plushie Ice Cream Parlor!
See you next Monday!
Plus, The Sectional Sofa is having a last day today.
Make sure to buy it!

Have Fun Jamming!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hula Skirt+Jammer of the Week

                                     Hey Snoodle Jammers! We have a new item that is
                                         perfect for the Summer Time! It is.....................
A HULA SKIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is at Jam Mart Clothing for 500 gems.
Plus, The Daily Explorer gave us a Post about Tavie!
                                              But, AJHQ is renewing my membership today.
Here is Today's video from Dreamgirl 365 AJ!
So, it is Sunday, That means Jammer of the Week!
This week's Jammer is...........
She is a very great, loyal and rare jammer!
Thanks Hailey78623!

Have fun Jamming!

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