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Ask Snoodle

Hey Snoodle Jammers!
Welcome to Ask Snoodle!
It is where you can ask
You can ask me questions any time, bot the rules are below.
Here is a FAQ!

Can you be my buddy?
Sorry, but my buddy list is full.
I can remove some buddies and I will add you.
When my list is full, you can be an 
off-list buddy and we can meet on my blogs!

What are your blogs called?
They are called Animal Jam Snoodle Blog,
which is this blog, Snoodle's Club Penguin Blog,
which has fun Club Penguin activities,
and Poppy the Phantom, which is a 
plushie comic series.

Is your den unlocked?
Yes, it is unlocked so you can check it out anytime, 24-7.
It is locked when I do Poppy the Phantom.
Sometimes, it is locked.

How do you make a blog?
I use Blogger. It is free and simple.
You need a Blogger account first.
Ask your parents to make one.

What can you meet me on?
You can meet me on 
Animal Jam as Thegreatanimaljammer,
and on Club Penguin as Pufflefan128.

How do you add the followers gadget without a Google account?
First, you get on layout, then you add a gadget,
click other gadgets, find followers by blogger,
then add.

How do you make Weekly Overview?
I use Imgflip, a GIF maker.
I find pictures from the posts and make them into 
a Weekly Overview.

How do you make graphics?
I use paint.net to make graphics.

 More FAQ soon!
 I sometimes reply, and I will trust all of you!

Have Fun Jamming!


  1. Snoodle

    A while ago I got a request from you asking if you could be an author on my blog. The answer is yes, but I'd need your email.

  2. Please start posting on AJG again. I got rid of the schedule cause its not working. I need some major help cuz da blog is dying. also as an author, could you comment on the posts? It'll encourage others to comment too.

  3. Why is there a rule that says you can't comment more then three times?

  4. could somebody please send me a heart ring for my sis its her bday soon and she really wants one my username is wolf62381


1. No Bullying.
2. No Swearing and inappropriate talk.
3. Say messages about Animal Jam.
4. You can advertise your blog to me if you want.
I might put it on More Blogs.
5. Don't talk about bad things.
1. If you comment more than 3 times, Tell me your AJ username and I will you report you for safety and block you.
2. If you don't follow the rules, I will kick you off of my blog.
3. If you comment more than 6 times, I will be turning on Comment Moderation.
4. If you comment for more than 10 times, the comments will be deleted.
5. If you comment 20 times, I will ban you.

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