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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Heart Rose Archway and Heart Cape/New Welcome Intro

Hey Snoodle Jammers!
We got 2 new items!
They are....
A Heart Rose Archway at Jam Mart Furniture for
650 gems,
And a Heart Cape at Jam Mart Clothing for 300 gems.
Here is what Heart Archways and Capes
really look like!
The DE gave us an AJ Academy for a 
Solar System Download!
Here is another funny picture from
SnoodleisonAJ, my Minecraft account.
Here is Weekly Overview!
Here is everything we did this week.
That is Weekly Overview!
See you next week!
Instead of showing you
the Poppy issue,
I will show you a new Animal
Jam Welcome intro
with Peck!

Have Fun Jamming!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Pink Crystals and Heart Mat/Mt. Shiver Mystery!

Hey Snoodle Jammers!
You all noticed that I renamed the blog.
Our new items are....
Pink Crystals and a Heart Mat!
They are at Jam Mart Furniture for 300 ad 375 gems.
Here is what Pink Crystals
and Heart Mats really look like!
The DE gave us a post about
the owl video, Out on a Limb.
Today, we got a Funny Picture from Subway_Hunters!
Here is Mystery Friday!
There is a dinosaur hidden near the
hot springs in Mt. Shiver.
Tell me in the comments what dinosaur
it is!
That is Mystery Friday!
See you next Friday!
Don't forget Poppy's new
issue tomorrow!

Have Fun Jamming!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Greely's Hideout/Renaming the whole blog tomorrow/New Armor Set!

 Hey Snoodle Jammers!
We got an update and a new item!
It is....
A Rose Tiara!
It is at Jam Mart Clothing for 650 gems.
Here is what Rose Tiaras really look like!
Here is our update!
There is a new den called Greely's Hideout
at the Diamond Shop for 7 diamonds.
There is a new Friendship Party and Friendship
Armor at the Diamond Shop!
There is also new Friendship Items!
AJHQ finally adopted a panda!
See the video of the adopted panda!
Owls are coming!
See the silly new video
featuring Jamaa's new Owls!
There is also a new Sketch Jam on how to
draw Mira!
The winner of the den item contest will
be coming in 2 weeks!
The DE gave us a post about Gem Ball!
No video.
Here is Beta Item Thursday!
This week's beta is...
Pizza Hats!
These hats are from the
Summer Carnival.
That is Beta item Thursday!
See you next Thursday!
Here is Snoodle's Sketches!
This week's sketch is a pig from Minecraft
with a piece of gum.
I will be renaming Animal Jam Snoodle
Blog to Animal Jam Mercury Blog
because the other blog name is my Blogger username.
It will be the same URL.

Have Fun Jamming!

Don't forget the new Jam-a-Grams!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Giant Magnet/All Jamaaliday Gift Bag Items have a last day!

 Hey Snoodle Jammers!
We got a new (giant and sticky) item!
It is.....
A Giant Magnet!
It is at Jam Mart Furniture for 550 gems.
Here is what Giant Magnets really look like!
The DE gave us a Jammer Art
for Phantom Snowmen!
Here is a Fun Fact!
Horse Coins were given out in The
Forgotten Desert for the first hour
until they were removed from the game.
Here is LPS Spotlight!
This week's LPS is.... 
Cozy Care Center!
This LPS set has a ferret,
a cat, and a St. Brenard dog.
That is LPS Spotlight!
See you next Wednesday!

Have Fun Jamming!

Remember that all of the Jamaaliday Gift Bag
items have a last day!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

AJ Sewer Cover/How big is a giant squid’s eye?

Hey Snoodle Jammers!
We got a new item!
It is.....
An AJ Sewer Cover!
It is at Jam Mart Furniture for 350 gems.
Here is what Sewer Covers really look like!
The DE gave us a question
from Tierney asking,
How big is a giant squid's eye?
No video.
Here is Fashion Tuesday!
This week's fashion idea is....
A Warm and Cozy Bunny!
Bunny: 1000 gems- Create an Animal
Rare Furry Hat: Yesterday's rare
Deer Fur: 450 gems-Jam Mart Clothing
Holiday Sweater: Last year's Jamaaliday Gift 
Calender/Trading system
Jingle Bell Bracelet: Last year's Jamaaliday Gift 
Calender/Trading system
Diamond Tail Armor: 2 diamonds- Diamond Shop
That is Fashion Tuesday!
See you next Tuesday!

Have Fun Jamming!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Rare Furry Hat/Jamaa's History is back!

 Hey Snoodle Jammers!
Today is Rare Item Monday!
Our rare is.....
A Rare Furry Hat!
It is at the Hot Cocoa Hut for 700 gems.
Here is a redo of the furry hat!
Here is what Furry Hats really look like!
The DE gave us a
post about the rare.
Nothing today.
Here is Play Wild Monday!
This week's den idea is...
Snowman and Dolphin Friends!
All you can do is get an underwater
den and get a coral snowman and a 
dolphin statue from Turning the Tide.
That is Play Wild Monday!
See you next Monday!
Jamaa's History is back!
 This week in Jamaa's history,
2013: No 2013.
2014: Denstravaganza came out
and all dens are on sale.

Have Fun Jamming!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mermaid Necklace/My New Animal Jam Comic!

Hey Snoodle Jammers!
We got a new underwater item!
It is.....
A Mermaid Necklace!
It is at Bahari Bargains for 550 gems.
Here is what Mermaid Necklaces really look like!
The DE gave us a diamond challenge
from Liza!
We got a fun fact about Minecraft!
When you walk on Soul Sand in
the Overworld,
It makes the sky darker.
Here is Jammer of the Week!
This week's Jammer is....
She is a rare Jammer!
Thanks Rarestgirlll!
That is Jammer of the Week!
See you next Sunday!
I made a comic about Werewolf49300, (my old and storage account)
and me trading a robot mask for a mat.

Have Fun Jamming!

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