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Beta Days

Do you know what Beta is? It is Animal Jam back in 2010.
I will show you a list of beta items.

DEN: Window, Zios Sculpture, Art Easel, Beach Ball, Books, Pink Lamp, Fancy Chest, Disco Ball, Fire Pot, Heart Couch, SBI TV, Magma Lamp, Pirate Chest, RC Car, Robot, Blue Rug, Speakers, Striped Couch, Small Table, Sturdy Table,Cool Banner, Map, Sword and Shield, Wall Torch,Blue Mat, Orange Mat, Mat, Grass Carpet,Planet Walls, Blue Sky, Tan Carpet, Bubblegum Machine, Computer, Vanity & Mirror, Fish Bowl, Fountain, Jukebox, Rocking Horse, Strobe Light, Train Set, Wood Floor, Flower Carpet, Moon Dirt, Blue Shag Carpet, Slate Floor, Pink Swirls, Diner Tiles, Blue Vines, Pink Argyle Walls, Yellow Sweets, Pink Striped Walls, Pink Forest Walls, Starry Walls, Blue Star Walls, Dust Striped Walls, Wavy Pink Walls, Cami's Frog

CLOTHES: Top Hat, Wings, Viking Helmet, Skull Helmet, Mask, Necklace, Beard, Star Cape, Royal Cape, Glove, Leg Armor, Pirate Sword, Animal Hats: Chicken, Bunny, Cat, Lion, Monkey  Spartan Helmet, Pirate Hat, Panda Hat, Ninja Mask, Rhino Helmet, Big Skull, Arctic Hood, Tiara, Fox Hat, Police Hat, Old Hood, Cool Hair, Antlers, Unicorn Horn, Horn Helmet, Gazelle Horns, Mech Angel Helmet, Spartan Armor, Elf Armor, Butterfly Wings, Flower Bracelet, Elf Bracelets, Leaf Necklace, Pirate Beard, Princess Necklace

Here are some Pictures of the Beta.
Woah! Sleeping with eyes open.

Me with Heart Couch and Computer

 Bubblegum Machines are 45 gems? That's Weird.
That was the Monkey Statue in the Lost Temple of Zios.
Woah, A giant mushroom in Sarepia Forest!
A shovel and pickaxe? What was it in beta?
This item was removed because they looked very bad on pandas.
This is a beta den.
The Crystal Sands was different in this stage.
The Clothing Store
Look at that Koala. It is wearing a different Gazelle color and an unreleased pattern.
 This place was a Medical Center. 
It was replaced with the pillow room after the beta.

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