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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lions are Back!/Best Guess Game!/Snoodle's Extras!/Musketeer Hat

Hey Snoodle Jammers!
We got a new item and a update!
They are......
A Musketeer Hat!
It is at Jam Mart Clothing for 550 gems.
Here is what Musketeer Hats really look like!
Here is our  update!
Lions are Back!
They are at the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds.
There are new  Trading tips!
These tips are  about fair trading.
There is a new game called Best Guess!
It is a True/False game about animals from
around the world!
Here are some pictures and an example question.
Here are some pictures of me at  the game and a video!

Clover Armor is here!
It is at the Diamond Shop!
There is a new minibook
about  lions!
The April Fools Party is here!
There is a new exhibit about African Animals
called Animals of Africa!
The DE gave us a post about lions!
Here is a Fun  Fact!
The Mercury Car Brand Villager 
and a Minecraft Villager have
the same name.
Here is a Birthday Themed Beta Item Thursday!
This week's Birthday Themed Beta is.....
3rd Birthday Cake!
This was the Birthday Cake from
2013. The code was AJBDAY3.
That was a Birthday Themed Beta Item Thursday!
See you next Thursday!
Here is a Birthday Themed Snoodle's Sketches!
This week's sketch is a New Year's Celebration Hat.
Here is Snoodle's Minecraft Birthday Week!
On our schedule, it says Snoodle's Extras.
Notice: Snoodle's Extras will no longer be on Snoodle's
Club Penguin Blog because the blog is closing down.
The extra is about Clover Armor
coming 2 weeks early.
This Clover Armor came 2 weeks early because
it might be a delay, or it was not in the other Jamaa Journal.
Snoodle's Extras will come on sometimes.
That was Snoodle's Minecraft Birthday Week!
See you tomorrow for the next Surprise!
Don't forget the Lucky Clovers Music
at the Diamond Shop for 1 diamond.
I also forgot a new video about
lions called Lion Flat
along with a DE post.

Don't Forget the Frosting!

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