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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bitter Sweets/Sketch Jam Puppy!

Hey Snoodle Jammers! We got a lot of new items!
They are:
Pet Haunted House at Epic Wonders,
Scary Balloons at Jam Mart Furniture,
Bat Glasses at Jam Mart Clothing,
And the Tiger Claw at the Diamond Shop.
Here is our update!
First, we have Bitter Sweets, a new adventure!
It looks like TBA!
The portal!
Here is a video about it!
Next, pandas are back!
Then, Pet Tarantulas are back!
They are the Diamond Shop for 3 diamonds!
Night of the phantoms is coming!
Get the Haunted Mansion for 5 diamonds!
The phantom Vortex is opened!
Go to the Haunted Forest Party to celebrate
night of the phantoms!
Here is a new Sketch Jam!
Go to Marine Marvels to
get Alpha Statues!

Here is a video of Sketch Jam!
Cheetahs will be endangered!
I'm so sad!
Here is the cheetah!
The DE gave us 2 posts!
One about Jammer Art for pandas,
One about Night of the Phantoms!
Here is today's video from Mumbles8168!
Here is LPS Spotlight!
This week's LPS is....
#58 Collie!
This LPS is a portable pet.
It is Sage Bond from LPS Popular.
It is the first collie in the LPS Universe!
That is all of LPS Spotlight!
On to Beta Item Thursday!
Our beta item is.....
Cupcake Hats!
They were a Rare Item Monday before.
On April Fools 2013, they were in the store.
Jammers trade it now.
That is Beta Item Thursday!
There is nothing leaving today.
Halloween Story today!
Halloween Stories on
my CP blog!

Have Fun Jamming!

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