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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bitter Sweets/Opal Birthstone/Jammer Snaps Lynx Fashion Show!

Hey Snoodle Jammers!
We got a new item and an update!
They are....
An Opal Birthstone!
It is at Jam Mart Clothing for 1500 gems.
Here is our update!
The Bitter Sweets adventure is back!
There is a new den called the
Epic Haunted Manor!
It is at the  Diamond Shop for 5 diamonds.
The Phantom Vortex and
the Phantoms! game are back!
This year's prize is a Phantom Archway!
The Spooky Party is back!
Here are some pictures of me at the party!
Here is all of the items
even the classic Spooky Old Bones!
The pet bats were hiding
where the bat on the wall is.
There is a game icon
in the top of the screen
to play every game in Jamaa!
There is Movie Theater items in
the Sarepia Theater!
Wolf Awareness Week is soon!
World Animal Day is
on October 4, and
people all over the world can
celebrate ALL ANIMALS!
There is also a World Animal
Day Banner at Jam Mart Furniture for 100 gems.
I also made a graphic of the banner in Jamaa Township.
There is only 2 weeks to get your pet ferret
and exclusive den items for free
by redeeming any Animal Jam Retail Gift Card!
The DE gave us a Jammer Snaps
for Lynx Fashion Show!
Here is Beta Item Thursday!
This week's beta is...
Basket of Candy!
This item was obtainable as a prize in the
first Spring Egg Hunt back in 2011.
That was Beta Item Thursday!
See you next Thursday!
Have you seen the new SU episode,
When It Rains? It was good.
Peridot was so cute!
You have been wondering why this picture was there,
It was because that this message pops up when
I get on Animal Jam.

Have Fun!

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