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Friday, July 3, 2015

Disguise Glasses/Mira Firework/Minimum Requirements to play Animal Jam

Hey Snoodle Jammers!
We got two new items!
They are....
Disguise Glasses at the Summer Carnival
for 1850 tickets,
And a Mira  Firework at the Freedom
Party  for 400 gems.
Here is what disguise glasses really look like!
The DE gave us a tip about
the minimum requirements to
play Animal Jam!
Here is Mystery Friday!
At the Cloud Party, why does the 
rain cloud look like a pool?
Tell me in  the comments why!
That is  Mystery Friday!
See you next Friday!

Freedom Day is tomorrow!

Make sure to use the code BEANO to get.....
1000 GEMS!!!!!!!!!

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