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Monday, November 3, 2014

Rare Lasso/This Week in Jamaa's History

Hey Snoodle Jammers!
We got a rare!
It is..
A Rare Lasso!
It is at Jam Mart Clothing for 900 gems.
The DE gave us a post about
the rare.
Here is today's video from RockedSolid!
Here is Play Wild Monday!
This week's den idea is...
Poppy's House!
Do you know Poppy the Phantom?
That is her house!
Her friends live there too!
First, Trade some Beta Party items.
Next, Get the ice cream stool for Sharkie,
a computer for Duke and Myth,
Poppy's potted plants,
a koi pond for Nutty,
and some spider webs for 
Then, trade the plushies on that picture.
Last, Add random items, the wall and floor.
That is Poppy's house!
Remember to use the small house!
That is Play Wild Monday!
See you next Monday!
Here is a new thing every other Monday!
It is
This Week in Jamaa's History!
This Week in Jamaa's History,
2013: All games were DOUBLE GEMS
until the first week of December.
2012: Pet Foxes were the November Member Gift
for AJ Club Members.
That is This Week in Jamaa's history!

Happy Jamming!

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